Sunday Service

Celebration Service: 11.00am—1.00pm

Address: Benhurst Primary School, Elm Park, Hornchurch, RM12 4QS.

ECC and you

Our Confessing Commandment
  1. I shall always give honour to God - I Sam 2:20; Deut 5:6-7
  2. I shall make Jesus known at every opportunity - Matt 28:18-20
  3. I shall be committed to the vision of ECC - Heb 10:24; Prov 28:20
  4. I shall make prayers for ECC - James 5:16; Eph 6:18; Col 4:4
  5. I shall have a "can do attitude", that is "I can do all things by His grace“. Num 14:30
  6. I shall give my time, my talent and my treasure - Luke 13:34
  7. I shall be united - Psalm 133:1; I Cor 1:10
  8. I shall spread the love of Christ to others in church and beyond church - Heb 6:10
  9. I shall watch out for my brothers and sisters - Heb 10:24-25
  10. I shall not be slothful - Rom 12:11. So help me God

8 Pillars of our existence

1. A Welcoming Church – Enjoying hospitality anytime.
2. A Worshipping Church – Praising God with all of our souls, bodies, spirits and possessions. Living holy.
3. A Warring Church – Victorious in prayer & intercession.
4. A Word Church – Thriving and fulfilling purpose through the uncompromising Word of God. We are delighted in the Word of God.
5. A Welfare Church – Looking after ourselves and our community regardless of the world circumstances.
6. A Witnessing Church - Testifying to the power of resurrection through evangelism and church plants.
7. A Wealthy Church - Prospering for the enlargement of the kingdom of God.
8. A World Church - Gathering all nations to worship and making global impact.

Very Important

Church membership is very important in the development of our Christian walk. God has planted you with your church for a divine reason. Seek to be a blessing where God has planted you.


At ECC we strongly believe that every believer in Christ must consider the question of church membership. The local church is God’s vehicle through which he strengthens and equips his people. Hebrew 10:25 & Matthew 18:19-20. Although church membership is exclusive, it is also clear that church attendance is also open to all.1Corinthians 41:23& Joshua 2:2-4.

Responsibility of An ECC Member

As a member of ECC we are to:
1. Love one another. 1 Pet 1:22
2. Encourage one another. Hebrew 10:25
3. Build up on another. Colossian 3:16 (to live lives of obedience to Christ)
4. Admonish one another. 1 peter 4:10 ( faithfully with our gifts)
5. Forgive one another. Ephesians 4:32 (and not hold any grudge against each other)
6. Pray for one another. James 5 :16
7. Bear one another burdens. Ephesians :2 , Colossian 3:13

We are not to:
* Condemn or criticize each other. Romans 14:13
* Speak evil of one another. James 4:11
* Envy one another. Galatians 5:26
* Hurt or do anything that would harm another. Galatians 5:15

Being an ECC member means being:
• Willing to support the vision.
• Submit to the authority of the church.
• Supportive of the ministry with talents, spiritual gifts, tithes and offerings.